Jess Mitchell


hi, i'm jess. i'm a frontend developer and technical writer currently based in hamilton, ontario.🇨🇦 my major dev interests include react/react native, ux design, web accessibility, and all the things you can do with css. i've worked with a variety of frontend frameworks, including react (+ next), react native, vue, svelte, and angular.

i spend a lot of time as a developer thinking about how people interact with apps and optimizing their experiences as much as possible. my background in psychology and mental health have played a big role in this.

when i'm not coding, you can usually find me drawing or training for my next marathon.

work experience

i have six+ years of professional software development experience. i'm currently writing technical docs for notion's APIs. previously, i was a senior software engineer at daily, as well as working at an agency and a couple small start-ups before that.

technical writing

one of my favourite ways to learn is to write about topics i'm interested in. you can find my most recent technical blog posts on daily's blog and (acquired by digital ocean).

personal projects

most of my personal projects are available in public github repos.

contact me

feel free to connect by email or any of my accounts listed above.