Jess Mitchell


hi, i'm jess. i'm a front-end developer currently based in hamilton, ontario. my major dev interests include react/react native, ux design, web accessibility, and all the things you can do with css.

when i'm not coding, you can usually find me drawing.

work experience

i currently work at daily as a software developer. previously, i was at an agency, krit, where i got to work on a bunch of fun react native and vue projects. before that i was at timeular, an awesome start-up helping people get more productive.

technical writing

one of my favourite ways to learn is to write about topics i'm interested in. you can find my most recent technical blogs on or my personal blog. (sometimes i write about mental health and wellness too.)

personal projects

most of my personal projects are available in public github repos. some examples include a fake make-up store, an accomplishment tracker, and a women-in-the-arts site.

contact me

feel free to connect by email or any of my accounts listed above.